Wahle's Wood Works & Mouldings, Inc.


General Specifications

            STILES:     5"      Intermediate Stiles:  4-1/2"

                RAILS:    Top: 5"     Bottom: 10"    Lock:  7-1/2"    Intermediate:  4-1/2"

                PANELS:    1-1/4" Thick Raised Panels;  Flat Panels also available

                JAMBS:    3/4" Flat Jamb with Stop Applied.  4-9/16" typical width, can be made to fit any width needed.

                WOOD SPECIES:    Poplar & Red Oak are most common; other species available upon request.


Component Assembly

                STILES:    Butcher Block with 1/4" Skins laminated on each side

                RAILS:    Edge-Glued and/or Laminated

                PANELS:    Edge-Glued, solid


Unit Assembly

                STILE to RAIL:    Mortise and Tenon with 3/8" Lag Bolts

                INTERMEDIATE STILE to RAILS:    Mortise and Tenon

                ARCHITECTURAL GRADE HINGES:    Standard 4-1/2" x 4-1/2"


Clear Tempered typical, other options available.

Lites can be divided with Grilles or T.D.L (True Divided Lite)