Wahle's Wood Works & Mouldings, Inc.




                WOOD SPECIES:  Honduras Mahogany - other wood species as approved by Wahle's

                SIZES:    HEIGHT: 6' 8" & 8' 0" typical - can be designed to fit your needs

                                WIDTH: 3' 0" & 3' 6" typical - can be designed to fit your needs

                                THICKNESS: 1-3/4" & 2-1/4"

                PANELS:    SPLIT Panels to allow movement due to climate differences between Interior & Exterior of home.

                STILES:    5"    INTERMEDIATE:  4-1/2"

                RAILS:     TOP: 5"    BOTTOM: 10"    LOCK: 7-1/2"    INTERMEDIATE:  4-1/2"

                CONFIGURATION:    Virtually Any Panel Configuration can be made to fit your design needs.

                COMPONENT ASSEMBLY:

                        PANELS: Edge-Glued

                        STILES: Core Quarter-Sawn, Stack-Glued with 1/4" Skin laminated to each side of Core

                        RAILS: Quarter-Sawn, Stacked-Glued

                        STILE TO RAIL ASSEMBLY: Mortise and Tenon using 3/8" Lag Bolts with holes plugged of same species.

                        ADHESIVE: Type 2 Water Proof


                CONFIGURATIONS: Full View; T.D.L. (True Divided Lite); Glass with Panels.

                                    Direct-Glazed into the Jamb, or Set into a Wood Sash.

                FRAME: Single-Rabbet with seals.  4-9/16" or 6-9/16" typical, other widths available.

                ASSEMBLY: Lag Bolts, Screws

                THRESHOLD: Dark Bronze Aluminum with Adjustable Oak Sill; or  Non-adjustable Solid Handicap Style.

                HINGES: Ball-Bearing, Heavy Weight



                    Various Styles and Sizes can be designed to fit your home.



                     Clear IG Tempered typical, other options available.

                     Lites can be divided with Interior Grilles or T.D.L (True Divided Lite)